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Om College Physic lab

Physic Lab

Get best practical knowledge of physic in lab with our experienced professors at Om national Academy +2 science college in Birgunj. We train our students with latest equipment and techniques which clear their concept of physic laws and its uses for further higher education. 

Our students do Physics practice classes under the guidance of lab technicians and our subjective professors who have gained experiences more then a decade.  

Chemistry Lab

Om national science college provides you chemistry lab with highly experienced professor and lab technicians. According to the modern technology’s demands we have our lab tools,  equipments and chemicals for  experiments with microscopes, weighing scales or balances, water baths, glassware (such as test tubes, flasks, and beakers), Bunsen burners, tongs, pipettes and some more.    

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Biology Lab

In Om national +2 science college we have zoology and botany practical lab for better practical knowledge of their subject and its benefits. As per the lab demand we keep our tab updated tools such as microscopes, weighing scales or balances, water baths, operation tool kits. We are always forward to solve the query of our students during their lab hours so they can know their subject practically.

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